IndestructoTank! Game Boy Homebrew Review – A Flash Classic Reimagined! (GBDK)

IndestructoTank is a new Game Boy Homebrew based on an old Flash Game! How does it compare to the original? Let’s find out!
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Video Contents:
00:00 Intro
01:19 Unboxing
02:08 Gameplay Overview
04:12 Flash Games Comparison
06:47 Final Thoughts

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IndestructoTank GB By Antony Lavelle:
Like the title suggests, In the game you play as an indestructible tank, which used the enemies weapons against them! It’s a really simple and unique mechanic that works surprisingly well, at first you’ll only see a few planes dropping bombs which you can use to boost yourself into he air in order to destroy them. The more enemies you manage to bounce off consecutively, the more experience points you’ll build up. Do this for long enough and you’ll gain enough experience points to level up. Once you’ve levelled up, as shown by this meter, you can land on the ground and choose to add more enemies tot he playfield. The more enemies you add, the more hectic the game becomes, but the more combos you can pull off! If nothing can hurt you in the game how does it end and where does the challenge come in? Well, you might have noticed there’s also a fuel meter. This continues to go down every time you start a round. If you touch the floor before you’ve got enough experience points to level up, you’ll just keep moving along the floor until you have a chance to get back into the air. While you are waiting, your fuel bar will continue to go down, and when you do get back into making combo’s, there’ll be much less experience points which makes it slower to reach the next level. This is how the game ends, when the fuel runs out before you can land to level up. At first it’s really easy, but once you’ve got more enemies on the screen, it can become difficult to even land on the floor, especially once you’ve maxed out the seeker enemies, which can send you continually up into the air with their homing missiles!

So how does the game compare to its flash inspiration? There’s actually 4 different flash games, each one introduces or changed a few mechanics. The gameboy game seems to take the best ideas of all of these, along with some of its own unique traits to create a really fun and engaging arcade style game! It was really fun to go back and check out these old flash games! If you did enjoy this I’m planning to go through flashpoint and find some more interesting games to talk about into future, so please let me know int he comments if there’s any you’d like me to show!

I went in expecting a cut down version of the flash game, with more basic physics and less features, but apart from the graphics, it was even better than I expected! There’s actually a kickstarter going on right now if you want to get yourself a physical copy like the one I showed in this episode! Its also really cool to see that a game developer who started his journey with Flash games managed to become a full time game designer, his most recent game was the amazing new Chu Chu Rocket Universe game on Apple Arcade, which I really love by the way! Great work!

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