Deadeus – Physical Game Boy Homebrew Review! (GB Studio)

Deadeus is an atmospheric horror adventure game for the Game Boy with 11 different endings! Does such an ambitious game work on the handheld? Let’s find out!
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Video Contents
00:00 Intro
01:15 Unboxing
02:00 Review Part 1 (Spoiler Free)
04:23 Review Part 2 (Spoilers)
08:32 Conclusion

Deadeus is a horror adventure game set in a small town over the course of three days, so does such an ambitious game work on the gameboy? Let’s find out… after a word from my channel sponsor BiFrost Bridge Studios, who are also making a Gameboy game in GB studio. They actually spoke with GB Studio Centeral the other day to explain about their company and the plans they have for Gaia’s seed. Its a great read, their upcoming RPG, designed to be a part of a wider set of games, comics, animation and even a board game! I’ll be sharing more about it in the future but for now, let’s see what Deadeus is all about!

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s an amazing achievement to make such a detailed and immersive game on such limited hardware. I was honestly glued to the screen as I made my way through the game! Highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys story based games and wants to play something a bit more open ended! Before I finish the video up, there’s another gameboy game that’s up for pre order right now from Bitmap soft, it’s called Doc Cosmos and looks to be a great platformer, so if you want to get yourself a copy while the pre orders are still live, there will be a link in the description. That’s all for now though,. Of course as always thank you so much for watching, please check out Patreon if you want behind the scenes looks at how I made these weekly videos, and please subscribe as there’s loads more homebrew reviews coming soon!

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