The PS1 From A Nintendo Kids Perspective!

5 PS1 Games I Grew Up With, My Top 5, and 5 I Want To Play! Let me know yours in the comments!
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In this video I’m going to talk through 15 great PS1 games, the first 5 will be games I grew up with, the second 5 will be games I got more recently and really enjoyed, and the third 5 are ones that I either have, but haven’t played yet, or ones that I want to play!

5 I grew up with
1. Tomb Raider
2. Ridge Racer
3. Music 2000
4. Spyro 2
5. Rayman

5 I played later
1. Klonoa
2. Need For Speed 3
3. Tetris Plus
4. Final Fantasy VII
5. Heart of darkness

5 I want to play
1. Dino Crisis
2. Chrono Cross
3. Grandstream Saga
4. Grandia

Let me know what games you grew up with, and what ones are your favourites!
Video Contents:
00:00 Intro
01:09 5 Games I Grew Up With
06:30 5 Games I Played Later
11:36 5 Games I Want To Play

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