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This week I discover what some of my favourite games have in common, with a bit of help from Let’s Talk Game Design!
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Super Monkey Ball:
Umihara Kawase:

Video contents:
00:00 Intro
01:24 Let’s Talk Game Design
04:09 Umihara Kawase
05:16 Trackmania
05:26 Super Monkey Ball
06:30 Kuru Kuru Kururin
08:09 Ivy The Kiwi!?
09:12 Thanks For Watching!

While I was making my Umihara Kawase retrospective a few weeks ago, I thought about what made the first three games in the series so enjoyable. I boiled it down to the fact that the game has only one unique mechanic which is used to make more and more varied and challenging levels throughout the game.

I thought back to the other games I’ve also done retrospectives on, Super Monkey Ball and Trackmania, and although they are very different games, they all have this same core design philosophy in common. I wasn’t sure if there was a name for it, so I asked on twitter and you all had some great suggestions…

* Paperclip games?
* Monomechanical games?
* Minimalist games?
* Skill based games?
* Simple mechanic games?

There’s a lot of great ideas, but nothing specific, and no amount of googling helped either… So lets dive a bit deeper and see what really makes this kind of game so much fun to play, let’s, talk game design!

So now we know that multipurpose focused game mechanics are what all the games have have in common, here’s 5 great examples:

1. Umihara Kawase
2. Super Monkey Ball
3. Trackmania
4. Kuri Kuru Kururin
5. Ivy The kiwi

Let me know what games you know of that fit into this previously unnamed category, and as aways Thanks for watching!

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