A-Z Of Commodore 64 Hidden Gems – Letter H

Hey whatsup guys A-Z of C64 Hidden Gems time again. I’m OSG and today ill be taking you through what I consider the 10 best Hidden Gems beginning with H. unlike the letters before up until doing this list I hadn’t played any of these games…but now I have I’m wondering why as there are some real crackers in this list.
So lets dive straight into The A-Z of Commodore 64 Hidden Gems beginning with H In order of greatness.

(Intro/Outro Music = Ocean Loader 4)

Games in this video:-
0:00 Intro
0:41 Helter Skelter
1:26 Harvey Smith Showjumper
2:11 Harald Hårdtand: Kampen om de Rene Tænder
2:56 Heartland
3:41 Heavenbound
4:26 Hypa-Ball
5:11 Hektic II
5:56 Hermetic
6:41 Hopeless
7:26 Heli Rescue

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