A-Z Of Commodore 64 Hidden Gems – Letter K

Hey whatsup guys OSG here with another A-Z of Commodore 64 Hidden Gems video and this is the letter ive been struggling with….K. There are a few good games like katakis but really they were a bit thin on the ground and some may not be really hidden to some of you… but ive tried my best to pick the lesser known ones and for me found a few real gems to play.

So without more delay lets take a look at the A-Z of commodore 64 Hidden Gems beginning with K in order of greatness.

(Intro music from Kombat C64)

Games in this video :-
0:00 Intro
0:41 Kombat
1:26 Killer Ring
2:11 Knoorkie: The Pig
2:56 Kid Grid
3:41 Key Finders
4:26 Kendo Warrior
5:11 The Keys to Maramon
5:56 Knight N Grail
6:41 Kamikaze
7:26 King’s Bounty

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