A-Z Of Commodore 64 Hidden Gems – Letter E

Hey whatsup Guys it’s C64 A-Z hidden gems time again and today its E. I’m OSG and ill be taking you through 10 games that I would consider a Hidden gem for the Commodore 64.
There are some real corkers in this video and I’m sure that everyone will find a new game to fire up and play
So lets stop talking about it and get on with the A-Z of Commodore Hidden Gems, Games beginning with E in order of greatness

Games in this video:-
0:00 Intro (Crazy Comets main theme)
0:39 Eternal
1:24 Exterminator
2:10 Eye of Horus
2:55 Elidon
3:40 Equinox
4:25 E-Motion
5:10 EON
5:55 Escape from Paradise
6:40 Entombed
7:25 Eindeloos

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