A-Z Of Commodore 64 Hidden Gems – Letter F

Hey whatsup Guys OSG here with more C64 Hidden gems and today it’s the letter F. At first I struggled with this letter but after a lot of playing and switching of games ive come up with what I would say is the best 10 games so far in this series.
These games range from sports to shoot em ups so im sure that everyone will find at least one game that they like from this list.
So without more delay lets take a look at C64 Hidden Gems beginning with F In order of greatness
Intro Music Metal Force (Title Screen)
Games in this video :-
0:00 Intro
0:40 Fiona Rides Again
1:25 F1-Tornado
2:10 Flummis World
2:55 Face Off
3:40 Fetris
4:25 Fast Break
5:10 Force Seven
5:55 Fred’s Back
6:40 Floyd of the Jungle
7:25 Fire King

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