A-Z Of Commodore 64 Hidden Gems – Letter G

Hey whatsup Guys OSG here with The A-Z of C64 hidden Gems and today its G. Some letters are harder than others and this one was pretty tough, but I think I’ve pulled it off after removing some games that maybe wouldn’t fit the Hidden status.
Again, there are a wide range of different genres so hopefully you will all find some new games to play as lots of you have done with the previous videos in the series
So, without more delay lets take a look at Commodore 64 Hidden Gems begging with G In order of greatness

(intro/outro tune = C64 Artax Intro)

Games in this video:-
0:00 Intro
0:39 Ghost Chaser
1:24 Gladiators
2:10 Great Courts
2:55 Gumshoe
3:40 Guardian
4:25 Go For The Gold
5:11 Guzzler
5:56 Greystorm
6:41 Gemstone Warrior
7:26 Gumball

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