Fixed My Pioneer PD-7100 CD Player Again But The PD-6300 CD-Player Could Not Be Revived – (Part II)

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After posting my last video on repairing the PD-6300 and failing at it and having GadgetUK64 in the comment section pointing out that using plastic glue can cause the lens to get covered by a film by the fumes of the glue evaporating and drying up resulting in a non functioning player. As well as Hans (Bwack) saying he remembered plastic windows on a RC plane fogging up after using glue – I wasn’t going to give up and wanted to try to see if I could rescue that machine.

It turns out the broken PD-7100 unit that I got with the PD-63000 (both with loose lenses rattling inside) I got to work by re-attaching the loose lens with glue had since also stopped reading CDs. Going by what GadgetUK64 and BWack commented on the previous video both units could have issues because of the lenses having become affected by the glue I used. So I basically had given both units a form of cataract: the dead PD-6300 and the short lived reanimated PD-7100.

This video is the result of my attempts to fix both.
Thanks to GadgetUK64 and Hans (Bwack) I set out to repair the extra damage I myself had inflicted on those poor CD players.

The PD-6300 had severe mechanical problems with the head containing the laser unit with broken off and missing parts but the PD-7100 was mechanically intact and is the more advanced player of the two. Surely I could at least fix one of them?

WARNING: in this video I don’t cover up the CD player when I operate it. You should never do this as it is very easy to accidentally look into the laser – on CD players that’s invisible – which can hurt your eyes.

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