The “Finalized” Version Of My Late 80s Early 90s Pioneer Hifi System – Testing Recording Tapes (BLE)

The “finalized” Pioneer hifi Stereo components / separates I will be using are the:
SX-777 receiver (an ehanced version of my SX-225 with beter frequency range and other specs)
CT-S410 tapedeck (an enhanced version of my CT-255 with a fluorescent display and more features)
GR-555 equalizer (this is my original one)
PD4300 CD player (this is the exact same model as my original CD-player)
These units resemble my original setup the most – visually – while still providing a nice feature update over the original on the receiver and tapedeck.

In this setup which is more cohesive than the double deck or more advanced CD-players I also have, the receiver and tapedeck share a similar design language with little golden buttons for loudness and muting on the receiver and a golden tape counter-reset-button on the tapedeck.
The other components have something that ties them into the same range of systems too. The CD player, Graphic Equalizer and tapedeck share the same italic font used to indicate some special features of the devices: SUPER AUTO BLE SOUND EQ for the tapedeck, 7-BAND LINEAR CONTROL for the Graphic equalizer and DIGITAL FILTER on the CD-player. This all ties the units close in the 1988/1989/1990 catalogs in the same range of systems.

I have a couple of receiver variants, CD players and tape-decks as backups nearly stored together (might do a video of those components if anyone is interested?). So if any component needs servicing I can just stick in one of those units and repair/service the other

When looking around these units can be had for a very reasonable price – my advice is to pick them up yourself and check out functionality on location in order to avoid damage in shipping and or in case of a fault talk down the price – especially if you know what the fault might be and if it is an “easy fix”

Audio tracks used in this video are tracks licensed and provided by Epidemic Sound (from the Dance – range of tracks)

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