After Fixing the PD-7100 – My Attempt To Fix The Broken Beat Up Pioneer PD-6300 CD player (Part I)

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As you might have noticed I am on a bit of a retro hifi-thing at the moment and my system consisting of :
Pioneer SX-777 Receiver
Pioneer CT-W550R Double tapedeck
Pioneer GR-555 Graphic equalizer
Pioneer PD-4300 CD-player
is all functioning well.

But as this equipment is 30 years old I am keen on knowing how to repair and maintain it so I actually got my hands on some non functioning 80s Pioneer equipment cheap:
– PD-7100 Pioneer CD player had a dislodged lens – was non functioning free pickup – glued the lens back and it plays again
(UPDATE: albeit temporary as a day later it failed again!!!) SEE PART II
– CT-737 Pioneer Tape Deck had issues with the auto tape type selection and with a little contact spray I managed to have that functioning again. But after using it a bit I noticed the belts were worn which is noticeable on the FF and RW not really going well and increased wow and flutter during playback. But getting belt-replacements is tough.
– CT-339 Pioneer Tape deck had issues recording and had no input on the right channel. Playback was fine however. I check the recording level pods and there don’t seem to be anything else broken so it’s a bit of a mistery. I did resolder the right input plug but that didn’t help. Also after a bit of use the belts turned out to be quite worn and getting proper replacements for those is tough.

So let’s see if I can fix this PD-6300 CD player….

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