Lacto’s Personal History Of His Audio Equipment Incl New Stereo – A Waffle & Demonstration(1-2-2020)

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In this video I talk and show my personal history with the audio equipment we had as a kid and that I myself got to use as I got older. A trip down memory lane with a close look and demo at the end of the video:
40:22 – a look in the storage in the garage where other components are stored and after that a close look at some of the equipment and a demonstration of the hifi-system.

Also I have been re-acquiring the Pioneer components I started out with back in the 80s and 90s and I have been posting about testing and using them on my facebook page.
Instead of getting the exact same units I decided to go for the ‘ultimate’ (relatively) upgraded variant of the components I wanted but couldn’t exactly afford back in the day.

It consists of a CD-player (PD4300), Tapedeck (CT-W550R), Graphic equalizer (GR-555) and a receiver (SX-777).
The original setup I had was the same CD-player, tapedeck (CT-225), same graphic equalizer and the receiver was an SX-225). Pretty much the lowest end entry level components back then. 🙂 But those units were good enough for me. The updated/better components I sources locally and cheap second hand and / or in the thrift stores dotted around and eBay.

The music used in this video was licensed from Epidemic Sound.

Please share your personal audio history and/or the audio equipment you are using / were using back in the day. Perhaps even make a video?

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