RIVERDALE Flashback To The 80s

That 80s icon Anthony Michael Hall, who happen to be a huge star in Breakfast Club and the 80s for that matter is going to be on a 80s flashback episode of RIVERDALE.

In the episode he’ll play Principal Featherhead and is joined by the parents of our beloved crew when they were teenagers. Each one of them is an Archie. And a Jughead. And a Betty. A Veronica. And a Red-Haired Fire Goddess.

Should be a fun episode, and we already get to see Molly Ringwald on the show playing Archies Mom on the show.

So, all we need is Bender, Alison and Andrew, and we’ve got a proper 80s party going on!

Riverdale comes back November 7th, and the episode titled The Midnight Club will be the 4th episode in season 3. So, keep your eye out for some fun 80s flashbacks.

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