The Last Blockbuster

The last Blockbuster!! Were down to just 1 Blockbuster Video left in America

Back before we had instant TV and Movies at our fingertips, there was a time when if you wanted to watch a movie. You had to scoop up the whole family and drive to your local Video Rental Store.

Whether it was a Mom and Pop Video store, Hollywood Video, or the most famous…. Blockbuster Video. If you wanted to see a movie on video, you drove to the store and rented it, watched it, and had to return it 2 days later. And if they didn’t have it in stock, you usually spent hours looking for another movie the family wanted to watch.

Well, just about gone are those days and most video rental stores have come and gone. But BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO – The king of the Hill when if came to Video Rental Stores is down to just ONE store left, in all the United States.

To honor the LAST Blockbuster store, which is located in Bend, Oregon.. 10 Barrel Brewing teamed up with Blockbuster to celebrate. And they just announced a new beer aptly named “The Last Block Buster”.

The beer is set to launch at the 10 Barrel block party in Bend, Oregon on Sept. 21, kicking off the limited time sale at all six of its pub locations. So, if your feeling nostalgic, and old enough to drink.. you might want to make the trek to Bend, Oregon to partake in a final Blockbuster experience. And if one yall can mail me a bottle.. That’d be cool too..

Or if you just wanna try the Beer! Ill link to the pubs you can find it at, down below!

With that! I hope yall enjoyed the show and ill catch yall on the flip side! And remember – if it ain’t retro, it ain’t worth watching!

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