Captain Planet Movie In Works!

Theres a Captain Planet Live Action Movie in the works with Leonardo DiCaprio Producing!

Theres a script for a live action reboot of Captain Planet being written which is said to be more dark and different than the popular kids show many know.

If you didn’t grow up watching cartoons in the 1990s, Captain Planet followed five “Planeteers”, each having a magic ring that allows them to manipulate Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart.

And when they combined their powers, they formed Captain Planet, an environmentally-conscious superhero who helped them fight against eco-villains.

The movie is being made by Leonardo Decapprio’s Appian Way Productions but there no confirmed news if Leonardo will have a role in the movie.

While Leonardo DiCaprio is typically not known for working on superhero movies, Captain Planet does seem like the perfect fit for the Oscar-winning actor , considering how much he fights to protect the environment.

The release, and even the production, of Captain Planet is still a ways out, im interested to see how the do on this reboot of the hit ’90s cartoon series.

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