Game ROMS Are Dead

Sad day.. GAME ROMS ARE DEAD. Retro gaming is a huge part of todays culture. And finding old games to play, whether it be on an old console like the NES, or even more modern retro consoles like the original Xbox, it can be extremely hard to get these old games we use to love.

And now it has become harder. With the recent news of a hugely popular game archive website shutting down. Chances are that if you know what emulators are, or have played old games a bunch, you are probably at least familiar with or heard of ROM games.

And if your not familiar, ROMS are little game files, that allow you to play games from classic consoles, that otherwise might be difficult to get. Whether they are just way too expensive, hard to find, or your just curious – ROMS made retro console gaming available to everyone.

And where this story turns sad, is that EMUParadise, which is the largest supporter and provider of ROM based games is going away. Not entirely, but they are going to stop making the ROMS available to the public.

Why you might ask? Well, ROMS are sorta in that gray area of being legal to own, because, for you to really be getting and using the ROMS, you should already own the actual game. So, theres some real concern by console and game makers that these ROMS are infringing on intellectual rights to the games.

And since EMUParadise and other ROM sites have been the constant target of legal actions by game makers – especially NINTENDO, which has been unrelenting in its attack on ROM gaming sites, the era of sharing game ROMS openly may soon come to an end.

But, if your interested in ROMS, or want to learn more – Ill post a link to where you can get more info on what they are and how to find them.

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