Home Alone being reboot as a R-Rated Stoner Comedy – Starring Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is working on a Home Alone Reboot called Stoned Alone, and its not fake news!

Ryan Reynolds is developing a re-imaged stoner version of the famous film Home Alone that originally starred Macaulay Culkin from way back in 1990.

The apparent plot will revolve around a 20 something loser who misses a plane trip for a holiday ski trip.

He ends up staying home, gets high. Becomes paranoid, and then thinks someone’s trying to break into his home.. And hilarity ensues. Only to find out thieves actually were breaking into his house.

I cant make this stuff up guys – ill link down below where you can read about it yourself.

But my take is.. this new movie, just might be Ryan Reynolds playing a grown up Macaulay Culkin? Just sayin.

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