Satazius Next (New Sega Dreamcast Game) Full Playthrough. The Best Dreamcast Shoot Em Up ever?

Hey guys OSG here with something a bit special. When it comes to video game genres theres one that always reigns supreme for me and that’s shoot em ups. So when Phillipe from Josh Prod asked me to try out a pre release Dreamcast shoot em up that he had developed along side Pixel Heart I jumped at the chance

The game is called Satazius Next and I have to say in my mind its without a doubt the best shoot em up I have ever played on the dreamcast. That statement is pretty bold when you think that the Dreamcast gave us the likes of Ikaruga and Border Down which are totally awesome games. The game itself is Completely redesigned and animated for the Dreamcast and it offers up probably the smoothest exciting gameplay I’ve experienced in any shooter on any system.

Anyway this game is planned to be released early in 2021, it comes with 2 difficulty settings easy and normal which once completed in normal unlocks hard…and once completed in hard unlocks insane for really hardcore shoot em up fans

Here is the link to JoshProd and Pixelheart

JoshProd on Facebook

Pixeheart site


So here it is the Full playthrough of Satazius Next for the Dreamcast

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