Navy Seals Commodore 64 Full Playthrough (Notoriously Hard When We Were Kids)

Hey what sup guys OSG here with a full play through of a game that was not just notoriously hard when we were kids is still hard even today.
Took a while to work out the patterns and locations of the crates but once learnt its not really that hard apart from the last level which if you don’t kill enough bad guys you cant finish it.

Sorry about the distortion on the cutscenes my recording software for some reason messes up when i natively record Vice and I didn’t realise until I was finished…and there was no way I was doing it again lol

Anyway thanks for watching and let me know if there are any playthroughs you would like me to do, it doesn’t have to be C64 it can be any

Till next time this is OSG signing out

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