Commodore 64 Night Moves Pack Midnight Resistance (Who knew there were two versions of this game)

Hey whatsup guys OSG here with a c64 full playthrough…. That turned into something a little different. We all know and most of us love the home versions of Midnight resistance but its one game that I never completed so off I went last night to do just that… after watching a few gameplay videos to get some tips I set off on my mission… got to the end of level five and was met with a shop full of family members instead of weapons…. What the hell was going on….i knew that this game had 9 levels.
After a bit digging I found out there’s a bit of a story behind this and the version I have is the original Night Moves pack Midnight Resistance. Apparently (although after what Ocean did with Robocop I don’t believe) It was a mistake when putting the Nightmoves pack together and they accidentally used the demo version that only had 5 levels instead of 9. There are also noticeable differences in the gameplay and the music chosen for each level. The game was later released with all 9 levels on budget under the Hit squad label.
Anyway theres loads of 9 level Midnight Resistance playthroughs on YouTube so I thought why not just leave this as is and let people see the weird ending to a great game

So here it is the Commodore 64 Night Moves Version of Midnight Resistance full….ish Playthrough

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