Must-Play Mega Drive / Genesis Games (That Aren’t Sonic)!

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Here’s my list of some of the best games for the Megadrive / genesis.

I grew up as a Nintendo kid, but I did also have a megadrive, I’d heard about how amazing Sonic The Hedgehog was, but what I experiences wasn’t as impressive as I’d been led to believe. The game didn’t seem to me to be any faster than the platformers I loved on the NES and SNES at the time. Looking back now, I can see exactly why I thought this, here in the UK, we used to have to deal with something I refer to as the PAL Curse, our games usually ran around 20% slower than the american or Japanese counterpart. The reason being the way the TV’s and Electricity work, causing the games to run in 50Hz mode, rather than 60Hz abroad.

It wasn’t until many years later on the gamecube that I actually experiences Sonic The Hedgehog in it’s original 60Hz glory (thanks to the Mega Collection on the Gamecube)

Luckily, Nintendo worked to aleviate the problem by programming their first party games to counteract the slowness, in some cases, they went too far and the UK versions actually play faster! (See SMB1 as an example)

Having these UK converted versions of classic Nintendo games made me really good at fast paced platformers, so as i’m sure you can imaging, Sonic 1 didn’t seem that exceptional to me…

So of course, being a platformer Fan, I set out to find some alternatives on the Megadrive that I could enjoy just as much as my Nintendo games! – Here’s just small selection of the alternatives to Sonic that I really enjoyed over the years.

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