The Best 10 Years Of My Life – My Favourite Games & Memories Of The Decade!

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My Favourite Games And Memories From The Past Decade!
The first time I’ve properly been able to look back over a whole decade and I’ve got it all recorded thanks to youtube! Let me know your favourite memories from the past decade, 2010 – 2019 in the comments below!

Playlists with videos mentioned:

Japan Playlist:

Game Pickups:

2010 – Last year of College, First year of Uni.

2010 – Mario Galaxy 2
Runners Up:
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Sonic Colors
Super Meat Boy
Fragile Dreams

2011 – 2nd year of Uni

11 – Skyward Sword

Runners Up:
To The Moon
Child of Eden
Mario Kart 7
Ocarina of time 3D

2012 – 3rd Year of Uni

12 – ZombiU

Runners up:
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Resident Evil Revelations
Kid Icarus Uprising
Pokemon Black / White 2

Release of WiiU
Nintendo Land

First time going to Gamescom.

2013 – 3rd / 4th year of uni

13 – The Last Of Us

Runners up:
Pikmin 3
Mario 3D World
Bioshock Infinite
Tomb Raider
Beyond Two Souls

2nd year of going to Gamescom

Final year of Uni / Start of Work / First time in Japan
2014 – DK Tropical Freeze

Mario Kart 8
Smash Bros for WiiU
Bayonetta 2
Bravely Default
The Evil Within

2015 – first full year of work (grad scheme)
15 – (Best year?) Winner – Splatoon.
Runner Ups:
Tomb Raider
Mario Maker
Xenoblade X
Axiom Verge
Until Dawn

2016 – 2nd year of work (grad scheme) / 2nd time in Japan – -Started to focus more on YT and website.

2016 – Pokemon Go

Runners Up:
Uncharted 4
Stardew Valley
The Last Guardian

Games I want to play:
The Witness

2017 – 3rd year of work. Finished grad scheme
17 – Breath Of The Wild

Runners Up:
Super Mario Odyssey
Horizon Zero Dawn
Resident Evil 7 VR
Sonic Mania
The Evil Within 2

First full year of real work
2018 – Tetris Effect

Runners up:
Beat Saber
OctoPath Traveller
A Way Out
Megaman 11

2nd year of work / First year of Youtube rebrand as RetroBreak – lots of exciting opportunities this year!

2019 – Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair
Luigi’s Mansion 3
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Links Awakening Remake
Tetris 99

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