New COKE Is BACK For Stranger Things 3 Promotion

Time travel to 1985 with the limited edition New Coke Throwback Collection! The super rad taste of New Coke is only available for a limited time with their exclusive Stranger Things Coca-Cola bottles!

Also, were getting a chip n dales rescue rangers movie, and theres a new Back To The Future Musical, new trailers for Dark Crystal and RAMBO: Last Blood, and TONS more Retro News!

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NEW Coke! –

Back To The Future –

Stand By Me 4k with never seen deleted scenes –

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Movie –

Rambo Last Blood –

Boy George Biopic –

Candyman Reboot –

First Masters Of The Universe Poster –

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance trailer –

1980s Cobra TV show –

Ghostbusters High –

Mortal Kombat Reboot –
March 5th, 2021. Same timeframe as Masters of the universe.

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