10,000 Subscriber Giveaway!! – HUGE Retro Swag Giveaway!

10,000 Subscriber Giveaway!! Thank you all for helping us get Retro Crunch to 10,000 Subscribers! I wanted to do a giveaway to thank you for all your support to the channel!

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Official Giveaway Rules

1. Subscribe to RETRO CRUNCH channel.
2. Comment down below “List your 3 favorite Retro or Nostalgia channels on Youtube.”
3. Leave your @instagram or @twitter so I can contact you if you won!

Contest starts on May 16th, 2019 and winner will be announced on June 1st, 2019. I will use commentpicker.com to select the winning subscriber!

Winner will receive:
Playstation Classic.
Thats so.. 90s Trivia Game
PRINCE – Life & Times picture book
Tie-Dye Kit

Giveaway opened worldwide. Winner will be chosen on June 1st! and will be announced in a video! I will allow for the winner to contact me back within 72 hours. If i don’t hear back within that time , i will select another one!

*This giveaway is not sponsored. Everything i have paid with my own money to give back to my subscribers. Thank you for getting the channel to 10k!!

One subscribe and comment per person for entry. Proof of steps taken will be requested upon winning and disqualification will occur with people who have not taken the necessary steps. Prize to be given as listed items only.


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Retro and Nostalgia News about Current Pop Culture, Movies, Music, and Games that relates to all things Retro! I’m a Nostalgia Junkie. I collect old games, movies, toys, books, and memorabilia. I love talking about Nostalgia and Retro topics and keeping up with news about the things I love from way back when.

🛑 How to contact me!

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