Can Collecting Get Out Of Control? – Community Question & Video Response

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I recently saw a video in which Steve Benway addresses this topic. Here’s my 2 cents.

Can collecting get out of hand? Yes if you don’t do it with care and focus. At some point in time I considered going ‘full’ on certain collections but eventually decided against doing so as space & cost don’t way up against the ‘fun’ that can be experienced owning a full collection. The ‘hunt’ for a full collection can be fun but the moment ‘full’ has been attained there’s no point and no momentum. Focusing on playing games suits me a lot better and only buy things I want to play.

What I do ‘collect’ and doesn’t take up a lot of space is digital versions of my retro games. I’ve imaged my PS1 and PS2 discs and quite a few of my cartridges and have consolidated them on emulation PCs. I do restrict the amount of space my physical collection takes up to the gameroom and study. The cabinets in the garage and the bins in the attic need to be thinned out, doubles of doubles need to go. Actually in the process of doing that this week. Less is more. 🙂

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