When You Leave Your Panda Alone In Your Gameroom (Gameroom Improvement)

#gameroom #diy #improvement

I was away for study in the UK for a whole week and I left Eberhart the Panda alone in my gameroom. Elise stayed home and providing him with the odd bit of bamboo to nibble on. Everything seemed to be very sedate and perhaps a tad boring then on one of her visits Elise stumbled upon some epic Ailuropoda Melanoleucal Home Re-modelling of the Lactobacillian Game room.

You can imagine how utterly surprised and amazed I was! Love you Elise, this is awesome!

And she even made content for the channel in the process!

– Credits:
Music (Tracks Boogie down, Funcky Music) by Epidemic Sound (Licensed)

Filming Elise
Editing Elise
DIY/Remodelling Eberhart & Elise

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