Mark Plays… Terrahawks aka Attack of The Timelord Videopac On Amiga (Homebrew)(Amiga)

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The Odyssey2 / Philips Videopac was an iconic machine to me. While my friends were gaming on their Atari 2600s I was rocking a G7000 Videopac. I always thought my Pacman (KC Munchkin) was soooo much better than the Atari 2600 game. A lot of games were programmed by the same dude, but I must say a lot of original gameplay was to be had on the Odyssey2/Videopac.

People have actually been porting Videopac/Odyssey2 games to other platforms:
– Killerbees (Spectrum, C64)
– Terrahawks (Spectrum, Amiga)
– KC Munckin (Atari 7800)
and I think it is a wonderful thing to do, play and behold.

Check out Terrahawks aka Attack of the Timelord for Videopac ported to the Amiga here:

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