Best Arcade Shoot Em Ups – Toaplan

For anyone who knows me they know that out of all the game genres there is one that really floats my boat and that’s Shoot em ups. Shoot em ups have been around since the very start of arcade with the awesome Space Invaders which was a fixed ship shooter but over time they have evolved into so much more. In this series ill be taking a look at the best shoot em ups from the biggest names in the arcades.
So today ill be kicking off the series with a developer that was renowned for hard but good games and that’s Toaplan… there is also another reason to start with this developer and that’s because it made my favourite ever shoot em up which we will see in 1st place.
So enough talking about it lets take a look at every Toaplan Arcade Shoot em up in order of greatness.

Games in this video
Zero Wing
Slap Fight
Twin Cobra
Twin Hawk
Fire Shark
Grind Stormer
Truxton II
Flying Shark

Thankyou to David (Mamehaze) Haywood and Lucas Rainford for helping with this video.

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