A-Z Of Commodore 64 Hidden Gems – Letter Z

Hey Whatsup guys OSG here with the last in the series of the A-Z of commodore hidden gems. It was planned that I would also do the numbers and symbols as a video but when I’ve looked that video would be worse than Y so at this moment won’t be doing that. So here we are at Z it’s been a real journey through some good games and some terrible games to get to this point but I hope you think it was worth it as some good games have been uncovered.
So without more delay let’s take a look at the A-Z of commodore 64 hidden gems beginning with Z in order of greatness.

Games in this video :-
0:00 Intro
00:42 Zix
01:27 Zaga
02:12 Zodiac
02:57 Zero Gravity
03:42 Zalagan
04:27 Zyto
05:12 Zone Z
05:57 Zoom!
06:42 Zone Ranger
07:27 Zig Zag

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