Saturday Morning Cartoons Coming Back In 2021

Saturday Morning Cartoons Are BACK in 2021, with MEtv leading the way with 3 hours of Saturday Morning Cartoons in the morning on its cable channel. There will also be a new Cartoon program called TOON In to ME, which will have live hosts that will be showing cartoons in a 1 hours show as well. Also, we have an update on the Live-Action Chip And Dales Movie and theres tons more retro news to talk about, so don’t turn that dial!

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MeTv Bringing back Saturday Morning Cartoons –
Chip n Dale live action movie –
The Last Starfighter 2 –
The very excellent Mr. Dundee –

Amazon has a Back To The Future page to celebrate 35 year anniversary –
Back To The Future Ultimate 4k –
The 1960s Rankin/Bass Rudolph puppets are going to auction –

Children of the Corn remake –
Smokey and the bandit tv show –
Battlestar galactica movie –
Mini Pong player –
People Magazine celebrates the 80s –
Aldi selling Retro Toys for Xmas –

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