WAFFLE: Sony States Backwards Compatibility Is Impossible On PS5 & Running Emulators On Emulators

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SONY claims backwards compatibility on the PS5 is not possible. It in stark contrast to Microsoft offering backwards compatibility with their precious consoles in the upcoming Xbox incarnation. The hardware of both Sony and Microsoft consoles has become more and more similar than ever especially in the current and upcoming generations that this claimed impossibility by Sony seems b*llocks and CEO/Company policy-related and not so much hardware-related.

Both systems have come to resemble PC hardware more and more and especially the upcoming generation of consoles bears strong resemblance to a solid Ryzen / Radeon PC.

As third party developers have been successfully creating PS1, PS2, PSP and even PS3 emulators for PC (Linux, Windows) for years now surely this would be possible on the new upcoming console hardware.

Playstation console-emulation has become so well done that even the alpha version of the relatively new PS3 emulator (RPCS3) is perfectly capable of running PS3-targeted emulators itself without much negative side effects on the emulated gameplay (Example: PC Emulating PS3 Emulating GameboyAdvance Emulating NES resulting in 3 deep nested emulation). I demonstrate this in this video among other things and of course this whole exercise is madness and right now utterly useless as the same emulators can run native on PC.

Nested emulation without much issues on the player’s side illustrates how emulation can be used to preserve the games – even if you have to run the emulator inside of an emulator in a nested fashion. Imagine having to do this in some distant future when access to original hardware will be next to impossible.

This video shows how the emulators run pretty much lag free and without much issues within another emulator on the host PC.

I quite like both systems and own Sony and Microsoft consoles. I am not one for console wars or picking sides. Not a PC Master Race person nor a Console Peasant – I can’t be pinned down in a category. I even use Linux, Windows and MacOS as well as Android and iOS. PCs have the benefits of tinkering with them whereas consoles provide a turn key solution to gaming and both have their merits for sure.

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