My GameRoom Virtualized – A Tribute To Emuunlim – Part 1 – Atari 2600

#Preservation #Launchbox #Openemu

Is it possible to virtualize your entire gameroom? Well I’d say up to PS2/PS3, Wii/WiiU and a little Xbox360 it’s actually quite possible these days. While I prefer to use the original hardware there’s something to be said about using emulation: preservation purposes as well as ease of use.

On my Emulation RIG in the gameroom I have installed Launchbox which is a very easy to use flexible frontend in two flavours: a desktop version and a box-box version that allows acces to all the games in a more console-like interface. Emulators can integrate seamless in the frontend. A must have for PC owners.

On the Mac side of things there’s OpenEmu that basically is a frontend and emulator in one. This also is very easy to use.

and various stand alone emulators that can be integrated in Launchbox
LINUX: Lutris – frontend / launcher

Emulation is no piracy in itself but people can abuse it for piracy. I don’t condone piracy.

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