Garbage Pail Kids Book Series By R.L. Stine, Life-Size He-Man Sword Can Be Yours, and MORE News!

Mattel is making a life-size He-Man Sword, Garbage Pail Kids books series in the works with Goosebumps author R.L. Stine, Police Academy REBOOT, Quantum Leap returning, and lots more Retro News this week!

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Heman Weapons!
Original Super soaker –
Tiger LCD games are back –
Garbage Pail Kids books –
Tony Hawk Pro Skater Documentary –
New Poilce Academy –
New Planet Of The Apes –
Doc Savage –
Watergate TV show –
Storyline for Shrunk –
Look Whos Talking Reboot –
Mike Tyson movie –
Reno 911 –
Quantum Leap –
Oogachaka baby –

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