Retro Superbowl 2020 Commercials, Lethal Weapon 5, More Saved By The Bell News, and More News!

Theres tons of awesome Retro commercials that are playing during the superbowl, so get ready for this Sunday! Also, It was announced that a Beast Wars movie is being made, Lethal Weapon 5 was announced, more news on Saved By The Bell Cast, and we have a TON of reboot and news updates to talk about, so don’t turn that dial!

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What we are about: Retro and Nostalgia News about Current Pop Culture, Movies, Music, and Games that relates to all things Retro!

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Shining Spoof –
Groundhog Day 2 –
Cant touch this -
Famous Visitors –
No Tully in GB –
Dark Tower series cancelled –
Zack and Jessies son –
Update on Little Shop Of Horrors –
Beastie Boys Trailer –
Fantasy Island new trailer –
Dark Peewee movie –
Lethal Weapon 5 –
Beast Wars movie –
The Thing Remake –

Mortal Kombat animated first look –
The Go-Gos Ducumentary –
Critical Role BOOK –
Disney 70s merch –
Atari Hotel –
Ghostbusters Artbook May 5th –
Barbie goes all modern –

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