Spectrum +3 & A Heap of MSX Games all the way from the UK – Pickup & Play September 2019

I have been helping a friend in the UK with some technical help over the last few months, and he came across a lot with items he was after along with some retro computers. He offered to get a couple of them for me and send them all the way to Australia. To assist with the postage he also got a lot of MSX tape based titles that I didn’t have in my collection to send across at the same time.
So in this video we have the 1st of the computers and all of the MSX titles, grab your favourite hot beverage and join me as we unpack everything and then of course give them all a play!
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The game plays in this video are:
– Pastfinder (MSX 1)

– Game Over (MSX 1)

– Las Vegas Video Poker (MSX 1)

– Colony (MSX 1)

– Vestron (MSX 1)

– Who Dares Wins II (MSX 1)

– Congo Bongo (MSX 1)

– Red Moon (MSX 1)

– BC II Grog’s Revenge (MSX 1)

– Cosmic Shock Absorber (MSX 1)

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