Lets Make A Retro Game – EP16 – Generating Sounds

This is the 16th video in my series, where I am going to work through the steps required to make a home brew game for a retro 8-bit console or computer system.

In each episode I will work through various topics, such as tools, methods and design.

All of the information referenced in each episode will have an associated article on my web site.

In this episode we are going to look at how we generate sound, this will allow us to add the sound effects for our game e.g. our laser shooting, explosions when things are destroyed.

I have included the complete code for this section, so you can follow through the various steps without having to worry about typing in code.

The supplied code has folders for Coleco, MSX and Spectravideo systems and each one contains two folders:
Start – where we start in this episode and
End – the final code and a copy of the ROM file.

The corresponding article with all download links and more detail on what is covered in this episode is available on my website here:

Next episode we continue covering some more details of the graphics capabilities of our TI-993X systems i.e. MSX, Colecovision, Sega SG-1000 etc.

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