Mark Plays… World Rally Fever (MS-DOS)(P233MMX)(S3VirgeDX)

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World Rally Fever (MS-DOS) by Team 17 & Split in 1996
a great sprite scaling racing game remeniscent of some of the great SEGA sprite scaling games of that same era.

Polygons are overrated – see how good this still looks? I believe this type of style would work well today – steam is loaded with retro looking 8 & 16-bit graphics. These pixellated 16-bit MS-DOS graphics would fit well.

Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10


Asus Motherboard (Model: ____ )
Pentium 233MMX
S3Virgde DX Video (PCI)
Compact Flash IDE Converter with 2x2Gb partitions

Open hardware scaler VGA to HDMI
Capture: Elgato 60HD 60fps

Audio recording/narration: Audacity
Editing: Davinci Resolve 15
Editing on: Ryzen7 2700X, GTX1070 Nvidia, 32Gb DDR4 RAM 3000Mhz running Windows 10 1903 clean install

Thanks for watching!

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