Booting MacOS High Sierra On PC On VMWare (Windows 10)

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Ever since the 90s I have used Macintosh computers next to my Windows computers. Basically because my sister took up studies to become a graphic designer and her school mostly used Macs.

I loved building PCs and flipping them – this basically was part of the way in which I managed to get myself through medical school which I must add even in the Netherlands is quite expensive. I didn’t have a scholarship and all I had was a student loan – which I actually happened to finally pay off in 2014.

My sister needed a Macintosh and my boss at the time, a vascular surgeon J.v.B , had oodles of Macs and kindly donated quite a bit of Macs and peripherals to me which I passed on to my sister.

When my Sister started her own company with a partner the old written off Macs sometimes were passed down to me – I ended up with quite a few of them. Which I always happily used next to my PCs running a varied assortment of OSes.

As an assistent Teacher at the University I helped my fellow medical students become familiar with databases teaching them SQL and Smalltalk. We used VAX machines, MS-DOS & Windows machines, Unix and Linux machines to be online on the beginnings of the Internet. Virtual Machines always played a part in it – Smalltalk basically ran as a Virtual Machine on the host OS.

MacOS has always been tied to the Mac hardware, albeit for a brief moment official clone builders created clone Macs. Ever since Hackintoshes and modifying VMWare to run MacOS it has been possible to run MacOS on regular PCs. Albeit with limitations…

I am a user of all: console, PC, Mac I am platform agnostic 🙂 I don’t pick sides.

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