Mark Plays…. Gunlord (Dreamcast)

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In this video I check out the NeoGeo/Dreamcast/Switch run and gun game on the Dreamcast called Gunlord – it’s heavily inspired by Turrican and the gameplay itself is quite reminiscent of Metroid on the NES/SNES.

The game easily scores 9/10 for me on gameplay alone, the music is awesome – I just had to share it in this video (hopefully no copyright-strike awaits me). The graphics are glorious bitmapped 16 bit wonders.

The hit boxes are a bit big – that is noticeable when you stand on ledges and ridges but the game is very playable despite that as it is a tad more forgiving than the pixel perfect – game over type deal most of these games present you with.

Publisher: NG:DEV.TEAM
Designers: Timm Hellwig & René Hellwig
Composer: Rafael Dyll

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