[AMSTRAD CPC] Total Eclipse – Longplay & Review

Longplay and review for “TOTAL ECLIPSE” on the Amstrad CPC!

In Total Eclipse we’re exploring a fully 3D world inside an ancient Egyptian pyramid – this 1st person perspective game is built on the “Freescape” engine arguably the first ever proprietary 3D game engine… and it was all originally developed on an Amstrad CPC 6128!! Let’s just take that in for a minute …. the first ever true 3D game engine was made on the AMSTRAD!! WOW! Yes it may move slowly but this is highly impressive stuff for the time!

Can we defeat the traps, mummys and puzzles inside the pyramid before a total eclipse occurs? If not then the sun god Re’s curse of the moon exploding killing all life on earth will happen! OH MUMMY!

(c) Incentive 1988

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