[AMSTREAM] Retro Racing AMSCAR Special! “Horizon Chase Turbo” Then Amstrad CPC Racing Games!

Live Stream ▶ [AMSTREAM] Retro Racing AMSCAR Special! “Horizon Chase Turbo” Then Amstrad CPC Racing Games! [Xyphoe Live Stream]
Friday 17th May 22:00 (BST)
#amstream #amstrad #amstradcpc

Game times –
26:55 Horizon Chase Turbo
1:20:00 WEC Le Mans
1:46:04 Chase HQ
2:30:50 Burnin’ Rubber
3:00:11 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
3:21:26 Continental Circus
3:45:00 Cisco Heat
4:00:18 Out Run
4:10:20 Twin Turbo V8
4:27:29 Miami Cobra GT
4:48:00 Chevy Chase
5:02:30 Chase HQ Attempt #2

Allright guys! Tonight on the Amstream…. it’s a retro racing AMSCAR special!! With all the hype and excitement for Vespertino, it’s time to get behind the wheel and take out for a spin the finest arcade racing games on the Amstrad CPC!

BUT FIRST! We will be looking at a modern and non-Amstrad game … the retro inspired “Horizon Chase Turbo”! Released exactly one year ago for PC, one of my Patreons gifted this to me on Steam (thank you Simon Osborne!) and I thought it’d be cool to kick off the stream with something a little bit different. We’ll then move on to the best (and maybe the worst?) CPC arcade racing games for the majority and rest of the night!

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? Music! ?
Any synthwave music you hear in the stream is done by one of our very own… (you’ll have seen him in live streams before!) the excellent “24:7” from his awesome “Zero Hour” and NEW album “NAEON”. More info and to buy tracks here – https://247retro.bandcamp.com/

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