Teletext R Podcast, 17 August 2020 – Chris Bell of Digitiser Fansite Super Page 58

If you had to make a list of memorable teletext sections, you’d probably have Digitiser somewhere in your top 5. Today’s guest is, outside of Mr Biffo, perhaps the world’s most knowledgeable person on the subject of Digitiser. And today on this interview special of Teletext R, his specialist subject is Reversible Sedgewicks. Owner of the biggest Digitiser fansite on the web today, his name is Bellston, or to give him his full name, Chris Bell.

All music in this episode is from Mr Biffo’s freshly-released album Sound Footage, which is available on Bandcamp now. Opening theme is ‘Nautilus’ and the closing theme is ‘Are You a Baby?’

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1:55 Digitiser(2000)’s return & the relaunch
13:30 Digitiser vs. the gaming magazines
20:30 The birth of Super Page 58 & the Digitiser webring
32:50 Biffo’s sold out PLAY Expo 2015 panel: the proto-Digitiser Live?
37:00 The Digitiser Archive @
44:20 Super Page 58 fanmail & and hatemail(!)
51:00 Could Digitiser have continued on Teletext?
1:00:00 Coming soon: Digitiser’s Controversial Characters live panel & Digitiser the Movie?

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