Episode 1 – Odd Pods Retro Game Music

Episode 1 of Odd Pods Retro Game Music, lots of great nostalgic video game tracks here on the first episode, special guests are Flip and Murray from the Odd Pod youtube channel at www.youtube.com/oddpodshow
Send in your feedback, requests and nostalgic stories to – oddpodshow@hotmail.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @oddpodretro and @murrayoddpod 

Tracks played in this episode:

  1. Crash Bandicoot 3 – Warped – Theme – ps1
  2. Earthworm Jim 3D (PC Version) OST – Disco Zombie
  3. Megaman Legends-Apple Market – Ps1
  4. Pokemon Silver-Gold-Crystal – New Bark Town – GB
  5. Ristar music – Round 1 – 2 – Dancing Leaves – MD/gen
  6. Sonic 1 Music- Marble Zone – md/gen
  7. Streets of New York – Spider-Man & Venom- Maximum Carnage – MD/Gen
  8. The Swamp – Muppet Racemania – ps1
  9. Toejam & Earl – Rapmaster Rocket Racket – MD/gen
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