Episode 3 – Odd Pods Game Music

On this episode of Odd Pods Retro Game Music we have a great request segment from Dan from the YouTube channel Retro Zone,
its very cool.

Send in your requests and other emails to : oddpodshow@hotmail.co.uk – Follow us on Twitter @oddpodretro

Tracks played on this episode:

  1. Super Mario Bros (NES) Music – Underwater Theme
  2. Comix Zone (GENESIS) Music – Episode 01 Page 1-1
  3. Simpsons, The – Bart Vs. the Space Mutants (NES) Music – Stage 2
  4. Digimon World OST – File City (Day)
  5. Retro Zones picks (request segment)
  6. The Ascending Pillar Disco – Lemmings SEGA Mega Drive

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