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Aleste Collection (アレスタコレクション)
Developer: M2
Publisher: M2
Release Date: 24 December, 2020
Platforms: PS4, Switch
Aleste Collection is a compilation featuring familiar titles brought out on the Sega Master System and the Game Gear handheld as well as a third part of the GG Aleste series entitled GG Aleste 3 which was released in December 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The physical edition of the game includes a booklet with interviews and official art, while the limited premium edition also includes a 32 pages booklet with production notes and concepts and a exclusive desirable Game Gear Micro set with all games in the compilation.

Included games:
Aleste (Master System version)
GG Aleste
GG Aleste II
Power Strike II (Master System version)
GG Aleste 3

The Nintendo Switch is region-free, therefore allowing games from any region to be played, whether through physical cartridges or digital downloads. For instance, games from the Nintendo eShop can be purchased and downloaded regardless of region.

Some general information about Aleste (アレスタ) and its brethren:
Aleste is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by Compile, originally published by Sega in 1988 for the Master System and then by CP Communications for the MSX2. The Master System version was released outside Japan as Power Strike. The game spawned the Aleste and Power Strike franchises.

The series:
Aleste (Master System)
Aleste Gaiden (MSX2, 1989)
Aleste 2 (MSX2, 1989)
Power Strike II (Master System)
Musha Aleste (Mega Drive, 1990)
GG Aleste (Game Gear, 1991)
Super Aleste / Space Megaforce (SNES, 1992)
Dennin Aleste (Mega-CD, 1992)
GG Aleste II (Game Gear, 1993)
GG Aleste 3 (Game Gear Micro, 2020)
Senjin Aleste (Arcade, 2021)

Some would argue Zanac/Zanac-X is part of the Aleste series but that game came out before the first Aleste game but it bears similarities and was also made by Compile. Many Compile Shmups have a certain way of playing. For example Gun Nac (Famicom,NES) is similar to Zanac & Aleste and has a similar weapon system.

I would say Compile produced some of the best Shmups out there. A genre that is near and dear to my heart as it is easy to pick up and have a go at when you’re in a tight spot with little time to invest into gaming yet want to get in the zone or have a nice rush of gameplay. Love it!

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