Hoizon Zero Dawn – Effortlessly Putting A Lot Of Time Into This Amazing Looking Game (Capture Fail)

Hoizon Zero Dawn – One Of The Best Looking Games I’ve Seen – I’m Effortlessly Putting A Lot Of Time Into It (PC 1080pUltra)

My TV does 120Hz so the refresh rate is set at 120Hz with the game set to a locked 60fps at Ultra. This provides buttery smooth low response time gaming for me on the telly. But it makes for a little horrid capturing though as that’s stuttering more with the refresh set to 120Hz. Ah well.

Still the Arizona like scenery is amazing. I also came across those dead windmill farms on further West in another section of the game. Not unlike they look these days 😛

Ryzen 7 3700X
16Gb RAM

Enjoy the video and thanks for watching – LactobacillusPrime

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