PAPRIUM – Sega Mega Drive/Genesis (REVIEW)

I’m a bit late to the party, but this took absolutely ages as I spent a few weeks playing it first. Yes, Paprium is real and finally came out.
I have a look at the Investor Edition packaging first, then the Grand Stick III, and of course the game.
I have added chapters, so if you want to skip to the game review then you can (although you might miss some good Fonzie jokes LMAO). Enjoy!

You can order a copy (at your own risk) here:
A huge thank you to Dave at 8-Bit Beyond for the Mega Drive:

Video sections:
00:00 Intro
01:12 Unboxing
08:05 Grand Stick III
13:01 Game History
13:56 Loading Paprium
15:10 Options Menu
16:41 Story & Characters
17:21 Controls & Moves
19:20 Graphics & Presentation
21:37 Gameplay & Levels
25:19 Enemies
29:01 Items & Weapons
31:04 Music & SFX
33:56 Hit Detection
34:50 Attacks
36:20 Co-op
38:23 Unlockable Characters
41:07 Summary
42:36 Rating

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