Let’s Play – Flipper Slipper (SD-291C) Spectravideo SV 318 328

Continuing my series looking at the quite unique software titles released for the Spectravideo SV-318 and SV-328 computers, next we have a title that was published on cartridge (and thus works on both machines), called Flipper Slipper.
A bit of a mixture of pinball and break out, I haven’t really played this one very much due to the fact that the entire first batch of cartridges of this title were faulty (which of course were the only copies we received here in Australia), at least until a much smaller replacement shipment many months later arrived. I have two original copies of this game, both from the faulty batch, but I was able to play it with my SVI-CAS unit.
Spectravideo also released this same game for the ColecoVision (which I also managed to find a copy of very recently).
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