USIfAC (Universal Serial Interface for Amstrad CPC) | Initial Thoughts

Recently I received a kind donation to the channel of a USIfAC (Universal Serial Interface for Amstrad CPC) – thanks to Dave (Velociraptor)!

The USIfAC is a low cost device that will get your CPC a serial interface to load software and even connect to online BBSes.

I was planning to do an in-depth look at the device but I ran into a snag through no fault of it’s own. The snag was Windows 10 drivers, specifically for the serial to USB adapter recommended to connect the device to your Windows PC.

So this video is a plea for help – if anyone has one of these and has it working reliably with Windows 10 let me know. There are some workarounds that got it working for a while but the drivers are not stable with the latest Win10 updates.


The Windows 10 driver workaround:

Fake PL2303 – how to install on Windows 8.1

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